Let’s get Fox, OAN, and Newsmax off the air!(c)2022

Since the birther conspiracy was instigated by TFG, instead of shutting it down, the silent GOP and mass media allowed this cancer to grow. The lie that President Baraka Obama was not born in America was racist, and ridiculous. Also, it was never effectively challenged. This allowed the grifter to raise millions he continues to fleece from followers to this day. However, the 100 million plus now he controls pays for his legal fees.

This whole thing is nuts.

Despite the fact President Biden won the election is still ignored by over 70% of republicans. Fake news conglomerates such as Fox, OAN, Newsmax, and other flaky organizations are doing this country a disservice while at the same time turning into fascist terror cells online, and on cable. President Barack Obama recently called out misinformation, and disinformation perpetrated online, and challenges us to resist the flood of sewage coming from the likes of Putin, sloppy Steve Bannon, and the big grifter himself.

I come from a generation, and a childhood that remembers life before cable. ABC, CBS, and NBC broadcasted the same facts, with differences anchors, be it Walter C, Huntley, and Brinkley, Mike Wallace just to name a few. The idea was to inform the public, not manipulate them.

The trouble with today’s media message is it’s based on profit, and inaccurate stories running 24/7. It’s an effort to overthrow democracy reaching a population than reads less than ever. Critical thinking has been abandoned by GOP cultists in order to pursue race baiting CRT, a topic only taught in law school. This is a moot argument. Yet now the new Nazi trend is to ban books in order to fill the profits from the company of your friends. It has nothing to do with giving children a decent education. One where they learn how to read, and think without white bias indoctrination. There’s nothing racist in math. Mathematics deals with facts, and formulas. So what’s happening here?

Many of us see where this is going. TFG’s affinity for “poorly educated” Americans has resulted in millions who fell for this trap. MAGA, when translated, means ‘make America white again.’ It’s not going to happen. The census revealed the white population going down but they won’t admit this is killing them. The truth is the world’s complexions are changing. It’s becoming more black and brown. I see FOX and other outlets as vehicles for hate, instead of providing facts. This must stop, before we reach a point of no return, and wake up to an authoritarian state.

Fox, OAN, Newsmax, and all media outlets who fabricate disinformation must be shut down. Get back to the truth in reporting, and “nothing but the truth.”

During 2022 Midterms we better get out, and vote!!!
We need more democrats like this!

Here’s a link to the FCC complaint form


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