America, your in danger girl!

The recent revelations of tapes between Kevin McCarthy, and other Republicans about January 6th display two conflicting views. One, the truth finally came out of McCarthy’s mouth only to quickly reverse it after(two), visiting the former guy in Florida.

What happened Kevin? Do they realize your still the guy who said Trump, and a retired congressman were on Putin’s payroll?

What did tfg do to make you change your mind?

Have you now been hired by the Putin wing? Are you now in bed with the red to destroy American democracy? Are you guys not realizing there’s no superior race now? Do you really want to destroy the country if you lose power? You certainly don’t deserve it, and it’s time for a reckoning for all who believe in conspiracies to just stop. Stop with the lies, and the hate. America is not a ‘white only’ nation. It never was. It never will be.

“A House divided will fall.” Is it so awful being a powerless minority? Black people have experienced this for centuries, so perhaps your fear of a black planet is real, but I seriously doubt it. This country allowed a carnival barker to seize control, and a criminal enterprise occupied the White House. We have to admit Russia interference in our 2018 election, and reverse appointments made(especially in the post office and department of state). We have to hold the monster responsible for a million COVID deaths accountable. We must hold the fg accountable for January 6th. The entire crew who ransacked the treasury department, and participated with the insurrectionists should be charged, and jailed. Nothing less will teach them a lesson.

Nobody is above the law. Including rich, white people.

Can we get an answer?
Karen doesn’t get a pass, nor does Mark Meadows, who voted three times and has yet to be charged.

Those tapes revealed what we already knew. Republicans were outraged at the insurrectionists, but not enough to say it publicly. So they are cowards, and don’t deserve to sit in the Congress. Let’s vote every last one of these traitors out. Every last one…

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