America, You in Danger girl!

I’m one of the 20 million who watched the January 6th insurrection hearings, and will continue to watch them all. There’s no surprise at the revelations. Trump’s crimes are documented in the Muller Report, but Bill Barr threw water on it with his lies.

The FBI knew trump was being investigated over Russian connections, but decided to talk only about Hillary. This allowed dictator Vladimir Putin to interfere in our electoral process, and we ended up with the worst individual in the world carrying the nuclear football. The guy never read anything…his tweets were always filled with grammatical errors, and misspellings. Last week a conservative judge warned us TFG remains a ‘clear, and present danger’ as well as an embarrassment to the nation and the world. Yet his sycophants, many being the ignorant, racist grandchildren of the confederacy, love him. The dangerous proud boys, and their ilk. TFG represents white supremacy to his followers. However, we don’t need or want a rerun. The January 6th hearings are revealing how this grifter illegally plotted to stay in power. This is unacceptable, and everyone involved must pay. American voters better open their eyes and make a choice…democracy or fascism. It begins with the 2022 elections. If we really want to maintain our freedom we must clean out the slate of dumb candidates who believe the election was stolen. It wasn’t, and we can’t have Secretaries of State, and other key positions in the hands of mad men, and women more loyal to a racist traitor than the country. The grifters must be held accountable.

If we want to talk about stolen elections try Al Gore, and Hillary Clinton, but not that grifter! He was evicted! The pandemic, and the mail in campaign secured President Biden’s victory. Now, leave him alone, and let’s go after the maniacs driven by hate, and revenge hell bent on dividing the country as Putin, and his GOP suck-ups want. They want a race war. Most of us just want to live in peace. The biggest lie going is claiming white supremacy. Not. Your color is not supreme. There’s no superior race, folks. Just one, and it’s called human. Get with the program.

Waste of taxpayers money.
Ancient Africans shipped in the belly of slave ships.

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