Stop the Supreme Court from Killing Democracy (c)2022

Sometimes I believe we are in this danger for the simple fact 30-40% of illiterates are in control. People without any interest or knowledge of America’s ugly history. People who are decedents of the confederacy, and taught to hate. They forgot their ancestors came here for religious freedom only to deny it to others. They were colonizers.

Now we have witnessed a failed coup by that deranged trump exposing his criminal mentality. It’s rooted in America’s racist past. It’s alive, and still kicking today. Racists don’t see diversity as a plus, but a burden. While most liberals were asleep at the wheel, the Russian mafia paid, and influenced the useful idiot to turn our institutions upside down. Moscow Mitch broke the rules, packing the courts, and especially the Supreme Court with Federalist sycophants now poised to take away voting rights.

Why? Because they can. As we inch closer to authoritarian takeover this is our last chance to fight against fascism. We better get more justices on the court. We have to increase our senators in Congress. We have to hold on and increase house membership.

We, the people, must do this now. No more footsie playing. These Republicans plotted fifty years to overthrow Roe vs. Wade. They don’t care about rights other than their own. They fear being a minority.(Wonder why?)These ignorant, illiterate supremacists are going take America down if we don’t act.

Here’s the link to the chaos the Supreme Court will bring.

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