President Biden-Fire James Murray!

The last time the Secret Service was hit by scandal it involved their lack of preparedness for an event involving “a shooter from a building.”

The late President Kennedy’s assassination took place from that premise-shots were fired from a Dallas, Texas book depository. Lee Harvey Oswald was identified as the killer.

Now, I’m wondering if it was truly him. The reason being from the January 6th Selected Committee hearings we learned this week text messages requested by the lawmakers from the Secret Service have been ‘erased.’ Really? Are you kidding? No. There are too many excuses given that make zero sense.

A government agency responsible for protecting the lives of; the president, vice-president and family all of a sudden ‘accidentally’ erased messages on the critical dates of January 5th and 6th? Insurrection day? This one’s hard to believe, and now a criminal probe is in effect. Since Murray got the job on the recommendation of the agent trump liked, and interviewed him for a mere ten minutes we can assume loyalty to the orange sociopath was the main requirement for this job. As things heated up in the SUV when the orange one demanded to join the insurrectionists it took one phone call from him(trump), to order the erasure of the texts. Trump is watching the hearings, and heard the call for submission. I think we have learned 45 doesn’t like leaving any paper trails that can trace criminally to him. If the investigation proves lackey James Murray did as told they all need to be charged, and arrested. Especially the ringleader. I think it’s despicable that everything trump touches is corrupted, and often dies.

President Biden should fire him. Check his text/email messages before he goes. Clean up the secret service, now. Your lives depend on it.

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