The Vengeful GQP is still planning authoritarian rule (c)2022 by P. Kelly

Now that Republicans narrowly won the House they seemed to be on a vengeance agenda.

It’s obvious they missed the voters messaging; Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of insurrection, voter suppression, and racism.

However, despite the fact democrats spurned their efforts to get more than sixty seats(they have a razor thin margin)Rethuglicans are marching on to investigate all sorts of idiotic claims including President Biden’s son. What’s the point?

They have no point, they just want to deflect from the crimes committed by them and the former guy who never should have been allowed near the people’s house in the first place. The mere fact this sociopathic criminal can show his face to talk about running again, is proof of the insanity of media and anyone involved with this.

What kind of sickness refuses to put a plug on this pathetic blowhard? He belongs in prison along with Marge, Matt, Kevin, Andy, Tubberville, and everyone in Congress who was ‘down’ with January 6th. They lost the swing states and secretaries of state positions desperately needed to cheat, and now they are still plotting ahead.

We, the people must stay vigilant and continue to disseminate the party of hate, and authoritarian rule. We can not rest, because the minute we do, democracy will perish.

Judge Michael Luttig knows how much danger Americans are still facing. Trump must be held accountable by charges warranted, and go to jail.
Marge is unfit for congress and should be expelled for her role in the corruption scandal involving January 6th.

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