The Vengeful GQP is still planning authoritarian rule (c)2023

There’s no question about it. The Grand QANON party is planning a takeover of the country we call America.

Remember the Muller Report? The one we put our hopes on thinking it would rein in Putin’s puppet?

It didn’t work because Bill Barr removed the truth and substituted a more friendly version to cover the crimes committed by trump. If everyone read the four hundred pages we’d be able to say 45 was illegitimate and therefore all of his appointments, especially those unqualified judges must be removed immediately. Since this hasn’t happened the MAGA madness has accelerated and over one hundred insurrectionists sit in the house of Congress. Among the worst are Maggot traitor Green, mush mouth Gosar, and a host of characters voters can’t wait to kick out.

In the meantime we need to educate ourselves and others on the importance of voting in every election from now on until we completely disseminate the party of hate, and backwards thinking. They’re coming out of the closet about their obsessive pursuit over women’s rights, they want to legalize rape by passing laws allowing men to marry children…simply disgusting. They want to be able to lynch black people again, but basically deny everyone equal rights. The rights we fought two world wars over, and the civil rights movement.

I think the worst began when Republicans, like Deathsantis started banning books. Books! A day we never thought we’d see in America, but it’s here!

Banning books by great American authors such as Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou. Are these people crazy? Have they completely lost their minds? We don’t ban books in America, but now that simpletons have started the process we must stop it. Book banning is the beginning of authoritarianism. It’s a flaming red flag. It’s a four alarm fire!

I don’t know why people think banning books are a good thing, but it’s up to all of us to make sure we put an end to this madness.

An illegitimate, corrupt, criminal wants to escape accountability by becoming ‘president.’
We need to uplift our people and encourage reading. Stop book banning in America!
They project their deviant behavior on others. Here’s a list of their criminal behaviors. They don’t belong to Congress.

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