The GOP and their zero candidates (c)2023

There was a time when Americans had at least two political parties they could relate to. Yes, at one time the Democrats were pro slavery and the Republicans were against it. Abraham Lincoln’s party had the advantage until the Reconstruction period when things changed and the party’s commitment reversed. The die-hards did NOT want the freed slaves to have any rights!

Fast forward to the 21st century and look what we have now; democracy vs. fascism. One party fighting for the people and the other fighting for the Rich, white nationalism and supremacy. Rethuglican love Putin, and authoritarianism. One wants oligarchy for America and the other democracy and fighting for basic human rights and freedom.

On the GQP side, a career criminal who caused the deaths of a million Americans, threw out any regulations President Obama imposed and is to blame for the disaster in Ohio wants power again. He’s totally ignorant, racist, uneducated, and unqualified. Are Americans crazy? How is this possible or normal? It’s not. In addition to suffering from the disease of white privilege there is no way after the attempted coup on January 6th this cretin is even allowed to run. The is a stupid thing that he still feels entitled, and the media is failing the public by not calling him out.

His Florida mimi me is much worse. Afraid of Africana History, critical thinking and Black voters. Who is this creep? And what is he smoking to think someone wants him in the White House because he’s white, and racist?

Then you have Pence. He did his job January 6th but he’s lost his mind if he forgot the rope, and the hanging 45’s folks were planning against him.

What makes Deathsantis think America wants him? A bloated liar and traitor himself. A selfish individual who thinks he’s superior to everyone, but is not. He’s unqualified to be governor let alone president. He is worthless as Sarah Sanders who got elected with all the experience of a inexperienced press secretary. Her daddy was governor so she should be too, right?

The others are pitiful as well. The women who claims she is a ‘good immigrant’ because she changed her ethnic name to a more suitable western version. Yet does she know how many black females are named Nikki?

I remember when Biden won, and the celebrations in the streets across America. I’m not going to list all the accomplishments achieved in such a short period of time, but none of the above would have even tried.

Some people want power and money to keep their feet on the necks of the people. They want to criticize President Biden’s age, as if time won’t touch them.

I’d rather have a steady head and hands at the controls of this country than anyone of the losers I mentioned above. We have a qualified captain steering the ship. Leave him alone. He’s doing a great job and we need him to finish it.

Put all the high flaunting criminals in prison where they belong, and take America off the crazy, corrupt roads of the party once known as Republicans.

Don’t forget about this.
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