Why are the insurrectionists still in congress?

Since the great attempt to overthrow the United States government on January 6th over one thousand ‘foot soldiers’ have been arrested and charged. Not all of them were captured because they weren’t enough law enforcement officers to handle the thousands breaking the law.

Everyone knows if these people were Black, Hispanic, or any other POC dead bodies would have littered the capitol.

We learned about one hundred forty members of the House returned to vote against Biden’s confirmation. We know some members gave tours ahead of the 6th; Scott Perry and Jim Jones actively pursued alternative political plans to win it for their master, frump.

When will the country learn? If you don’t round up everyone who was involved in this attempted coup you are going to have another one.

McCarthy, Green, Boebert, Gossar, Gaetz, Ron Johnson, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and all the others should be banned, arrested and imprisoned for their actions on January 6th.

While we’re at it pick up Deathsantis and Greg Abbott two of the worst politicians in America and who are just as corrupt, racist and dangerous as the orange clown.

Wanted for treason
Fake and corrupt
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